Elite  Performance  Chiropractic  II - Helping our patients to "Thrive and not just Survive"
Elite Performance Chiropractic is owned and operated by Dr. Cary L. Gundlach. After 12 years of practicing Chiropractic Sports and Wellness care in his home state of Wisconsin, Dr. Cary and his family relocated to the East Valley in 2009.  
He is honored to be practicing in the same office of a team of highly skilled and like minded practitioners and therapist giving you the top of the line therapy and treatment for your performance enhancement and injury needs.  
 Dr. Cary has been married to his lovely wife Sheri for 16 years; and they have three very active boys that keep them running. 
Dr. Cary is extremely blessed to have helped thousands of patients and their families move towards a healthier Wellness lifestyle; treating patients of all ages from 1 week old to 95 years of age.
With a special interest in
Sports injuries, injury prevention and rehabilitation;

 Dr. Cary holds a
 Doctorate in Chiropractic,
and a
          "Dr. Cary is a great man and an outstanding Chiropractor and Trainer.  Throughout my entire sports career, he provided me with excellent care to help me recover from and to eliminate injuries.  Dr. Cary is very passionate about his work and I truly appreciate that.  I realize that if he wouldn't have helped me the way he did then I would not have been able to be on the football field or basketball court.  When I was dealing with a few serious injuries, Dr. Cary not only helped me recover very quickly, he also helped me to make everything stronger to prevent injuries in the future.  I would recommend anyone looking for Chiropractic Care to go to Dr Cary.  He is extremely knowledgable, skilled and great to work with."       Pszeniczny, A  
         "Dr.Gundlach by far was/is the best chiropractor I have ever had the priveledge of recieving care from. He gave me great treament throughout my high school athletics career. Kept me in the game! He also gave me amazing treatment when I return home from overseas! Can't say enough about Dr. Cary Gundlach as a professional and a friend."    Cpl. Tollefson, Austin USMC
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